Want to make those attending your meeting walk away talking about it for days, weeks, and even years to come? Make it an event, not just a meeting!

Patti LaBelle, Keanu Reeves, Josh Lucas, Meatloaf…each of these stars and countless others have played a role in the 125 year history of The Driskill Hotel. Located in the heart of downtown Austin, The Driskill has hosted presidential speeches, gubernatorial inaugurations, movies such as Miss Congeniality and hit TV shows, including Top Chef. From big business, to government, to Hollywood, all have selected The Driskill and its well-documented famed 125 year history to leave attendees with an impactful experience! When you host your program at our landmark venue, you’ll maximize your return on investment by providing attendees with a memorable meeting environment, beneficial for years to come.

Do I have your attention? I hope so!

This past month at the Destination Hotels & Resorts National Sales Conference, one of the general sessions featured Kim Madden of Black Sheep Reputations. The session was invigorating and focused on the necessary qualities a presenter should incorporate in order to deliver an impactful presentation.

Below are the key takeaways, applicable to what we do each day!

An IMPACTFUL presentation requires a succinct, well-crafted message AND a speaker who delivers it with charisma.

Deliver a POW – A Powerful Opening

Start with something that engages the audience’s attention from your first word…a promise, a story, a startling fact, step outside your comfort zone! A POW should NOT begin with “My name is and I am here today to talk to you about blah, blah, blah.”

A Good Introduction

There are two components of a good introduction: What You Say and How You Say It.

Focus on these elements to bring your presentation to life:

~Facial Expressions – Smile!
~Voice – How’s my enunciation? Does my tone match my message? If I’m excited, do I sound excited?
~Gestures – Do my hands seem comfortable? Arms uncrossed, hands not in pockets.
~Body Language – Do I have a solid stance? No fidgeting or pacing!
~Eye Contact – Make locking eye contact. Divide the room into quadrants and evenly address the room.
~Pace – Am I pausing to build anticipation? Eliminate uhs and ums that distract!
~Content – Am I telling stories? Audiences remember stories and those stories often provide common group for them to relate.  Am I using examples and concrete details to stimulate imagination?

Remember, the next time you deliver a presentation and want to WOW your audience, first ask yourself, did I book my meeting at the Legendary Driskill Hotel and second, what’s my POW?