Our very own Executive Chef, Jonathan Gelman is featured in today's Opulence Magazine. Here is an excerpt from the story - "The style of my cuisine reflects exquisite contemporary American cuisine with French and Mediterranean influences. I focus on locally grown products, seasonal ingredients, impeccable presentation and cutting-edge menu choices, thus creating a truly memorable dining experience," says Gelman. The Driskills menu reflects Gelman's love for fresh seasonal ingredients and desire to present food in its most perfected natural form. Mainstays on his menu are always filet mignon, rack of lamb, duck, venison, and seasonal fish and seafood from Hawaii, California, the east coast and Europe. Gelman, when asked about his presentations, says he prefers to let the ingredients speak for themselves and jokingly refers to himself as a farmer trapped in a chef's body. Don't let this humble description of his love for simple freshness fool you. The dishes he creates are complex combinations of texture, flavor and color based on the changing seasons. 

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